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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are they not sold in shops?

This is because they are unpasteurised. For any juice to be able to sit on a shelf in a shop for weeks, even months on end it will need to have been treated somehow. This is usually done by pasteurisation i.e heat treating. This kills off much if not all of the goodness that is in a raw juice.

Why do they sometimes taste a little different from order to order?

100% of what goes into our juices is simply pure fruit & vegetables. They come in different shapes & sizes & no two apples taste the same. This also applies to spinach, kale, celery and even cucumbers. We peel everything by hand and wash everything vigorously. Nothing is chemically controlled to give a fixed flavour like cartoned juice and also as seasons change so does the produce. We do our best to maintain the same great taste but sometimes they may be a little sweeter, more gingery or lemony etc, etc.

Do you always need to have a week’s notice to make an order?

No ! However we do request a week as we make everything to order.
We also buy in the produce for each order so it’s all as fresh as possible and wash / prepare it all by hand. We also NEVER juice WHOLE produce as it can sometimes look lovely but be rotten on the inside. It all takes time and mostly your order can be completed far sooner and we will certainly keep you updated.
If you do need them quickly please just email at juice@thejuiceworks to let us know when you would like them for. Thank you

Do you use any preservatives?

Freezing ! We do not add anything at all and do not preserve with chemicals or heat. We freeze them. As soon as they are made they are Blast frozen right away to lock in all that goodness. Just put them in the fridge the day before you want them and they should be ready the following day. Simple, but above all Natural!
Are there any additives?
No, quite simply. What is in those bottles is quite simply raw, natural juice. Never heated, never treated!

How long will they last?

Because they are untreated they would only last a couple of days but by blast freezing they will last up to a month in the freezer from being juiced.

How do I store them?

They are delivered to you frozen so please place immediately in the freezer. The day before you want your juices place what you need in the fridge and the following day they will be ready for you. Keep in a cool dark place and consume on day of thawing..

Can we buy sample juices?

We do not offer sample juices however we offer a range which come in 250ml bottles and are a great way to try the different flavours.

Do you change your recipes?

We are often making new juices and as the seasons change we try to change the juices.

Do you keep them in stock?

We do not keep juices in stock as they are all made to order.

What is meant by cold-pressed?

The term cold pressed is the way of juicing. Cold pressed juicers ( also known as slow juicers ) rotate very, very slowly which stops heat friction, and basically presses all the produce in a chamber. We cold press the leafy greens as they are so fragile. It is a very slow process but the juices are more nutritious and flavoursome.

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