The Energiser – Cold Press Juice


With carrots, beetroot, apple, and lemon all coming together in this refreshing cold pressed juice, you will be hydrate and cleansed at the same time!

Energiser’s ingredients are sourced from local suppliers and are cold-pressed in Ipswich using the finest cold-pressing techniques available.

One of the biggest trends in health and wellness over the past decade is this juice.

There is something magical about the combination of so many nutrients which keeps your heart healthy. The beetroot and carrot used in this drink are a good source of lutein, beta-carotene, and alpha, which all help keep the heart healthy. Along with apple, both of these vegetables help to control blood pressure, protecting the heart from various diseases by keeping blood pressure under control.

It is believed that the high concentration of carotenoids in this juice is related to the fact that it helps to keep cholesterol levels in check. Enjoy this juice in the morning, and feel the benefits all day long.


Carrots, Beetroot, Apple, and Lemon

Per 500ml

  • energy 270kj/65kcal

  • fat 1.g

  • of which saturates 10.5g

  • carbohydrates 2.1g

  • natural sugars 10g

  • protein 3.5g

  • salt 0.07g

Do you want a detox drink that actually tastes good?  Our famous Energiser Recipe is just what you need. This drink is full of veggies balanced out with the sweetness of apples for a protein-packed drink

It’s cold-pressed. Fresh. Be sure to keep it refrigerated.

Some benefits

  • Cold-pressed to lock in nutrients.

  • Perfect for healthy weight loss.

  • Plant based.

  • Reduces body inflammation

  • Supports the body’s detoxification process

  • Freshly cold-pressed in-house

  • Vegan-friendly

  • Made using locally sourced fruit and vegetables

  • Dairy-free

  • Gluten-free

All of our juices are 100% raw, 100% locally sourced and blast frozen ensuring you don’t miss out on any nutrients. Unlike other juice cleanses on the market our focus is making RAW cleanses that are high in veg and low in sugar but still with a fantastic taste, making it the better RAW juice cleanse.

I'm having my main juicer serviced to keep her tiptop. Please expect  a day longer for all orders until Thursday 23rd May! 


There is nothing better than waking up in the morning with The Energiser detox juice

The benefits of this juice are well known, such as weight loss, healthy skin, and a wide range of health benefits. In addition to being a delicious and vibrantly coloured detox juice, it is also very refreshing and very energising.

This cold pressed juice is Carrot, Beetroot, Lemon & Apples.

We love this juice at The JuiceWorks, it’s the most requested juice in all off our juice cleanse packages!

Funny enough, most local customers will ask for this juice at the weekend after a heavy night.

A collection of 7 x 500ml juices, one for each day.