The Celery Juice 7 Day Cleanse

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Pure, Raw Cold Pressed Celery juice with a twist of lemon. Always made to order. Organic Option available.

Celery juice promotes digestion, detoxification and inflammation reduction. For maximum benefits, drink 500ml of celery juice every morning first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Our juices are cold-pressed and sent next day delivery and have a shelf life of 30 days in the freezer. Our recyclable bottles should be stored chilled.

Order by 12:30pm for next-day delivery on our 3/5/7-day cleanses, and give us 48 hours for other in-house prepared juice cleanses.
No non-local deliveries on Sundays, Mondays or Bank Holidays


Celery Juice 10 Day Cleanse. A celery juice for each morning. A refreshing way to start the day.The Celery Juice, Cold pressed with a twist of lemon !!Sold in a pack of 7 x 500ml bottles,  to have one each day, for 7 days.Enjoy the powerful detoxing benefits of celery juice by drinking one 500ml bottle every morning on an empty stomach! 

Have some juicing questions?

Order your three-day, five-day, or seven-day juice cleanse by 12:30 pm for next-day delivery. Orders after 12:30 pm will arrive in 48 hours. Other juices and customised orders will also take 48 hours. We make everything fresh!

We deliver Tuesday to Saturday, no Bank Holidays. Plan ahead!

If delivery times change, we’ll show an alert near the add to cart button.

Our cold-pressed juice cleanse bottles are a generous 500ml each. We choose this size for your health, not to cut costs. Each bottle is filled with nutritious juices to support weight loss and provide essential vitamins. Unlike others who use smaller 250ml bottles to boost profits, we won’t skimp on your well-being. Your health is our top priority, and we believe in offering the best quality and value.

Each 500ml bottle of our cold-pressed juice contains over 2 kilograms of vegetables, fruits, roots, and leaves. Can you imagine eating that much raw?

Dan’s your man for a juice cleanse, crafting handmade juices for all your meals. Start your day with a refreshing celery or fruit-based juice. For lunch, go for a green-based juice, and save the carrot-based ones for when you’re peckish or for dinner. Finish off with a green or fruit-based juice for tea.

We believe in flexibility and fun with your cleanse – who says it has to be a drag? Enjoy the experience; it’s meant to be delightful, not a duty!

Remember, it’s your call, but we suggest celery juice for breakfast. We like to mix it up so breakfast isn’t the same every day, sometimes adding a fruit-based cold-pressed juice. Dan recommends saving the carrot-based juices for dinner or when you need a snack.

Freezing! We add nothing and don’t use chemicals or heat for preservation. We blast freeze our juices immediately after making them to lock in all the goodness. Just put them in the fridge the day before you want them, and they’ll be ready the next day. Simple and natural!

Are there any additives? No, none at all. The bottles contain raw, natural juice—never heated, never treated!

Don’t worry if you see some separation in your raw, cold-pressed juice; it’s completely natural and happens because we don’t use chemicals or preservatives. Just keep your juice refrigerated and drink it within a couple of days. A gentle swirl of the bottle will mix it back up—do not shake it hard.

We’re not just any juicery; we’re proud to boast a 5-star food rating from our local authority in Ipswich, earning ‘very good’ marks across the board—from hygiene practices to the traceability of our produce.

We do not need to list calories in our juices because they are natural produce but a general rule of thumb. 

Our 500ml juices are around 130 – 180 calories. 

Cold Pressed Juice can last between 3-5 days or even longer in a well-maintained refrigerator. To preserve their quality, we blast freeze (freeze within minutes) them before delivering them to you. They can be kept in the freezer for up to one month after they have been juiced. According to some sources, they can be kept for three months or more but we don’t like saying that.  

Fancy a faster fix? For local orders, you can usually collect or get them delivered the same day. Nationwide? Expect them the next day between Tuesday and Saturday. Missed the 11:30 deadline? Don’t fret; drop Dan an email or hit up live chat. If things are quiet, he might just be able to squeeze you in. It’s worth a shot!

Our cold-pressed juices are blast frozen immediately after pressing to lock in freshness. They’ll arrive perfectly chilled, normally frozen. If they’re not fully frozen upon arrival, there’s no need to worry. You can store them in your freezer for up to three months without any loss of flavour, texture, or nutritional value. When you’re ready to enjoy one, simply transfer it from the freezer to your fridge about 24 hours before you plan to drink it, allowing it to thaw smoothly.

If you’re in mainland England, Wales, or Scotland, you’re in luck – we deliver cold pressed juices there!

Local? We’ll personally deliver your juices on a pre-arranged date. Elsewhere? Our next-day courier service with APC, specialists in food & beverage shipping, has you covered. They’ll handle your juices manually and deliver Tuesday to Saturday, even giving you a two-hour time slot. If you’re out, they’ll leave the package in a safe place since it’s perishable. Any questions? Just ask!

Generally, we don’t run sales or offers due to the cost of living. We simply cannot afford to do it while maintaining our high standards. We are aware that some other websites run crazy sales, but they often use smaller 150ml or 200ml bottles and lower quality produce.

The only times we offer discounts are when we’re away on holiday, resulting in longer delivery times, or when someone places a second order. We prioritise quality and believe in providing the best value for your health.

All of our Raw Juices are made from fruit & veg that is sourced from local farms in Suffolk. We will always try to use organic but please remember that organic produce can cost double to locally grown or sourced produce. There is strong evidence that some organic products are not really organic so we provide what we can prove to be correct, locally sourced RAW produce. 

They are normally delivered to you frozen so please place immediately in the freezer. The day before you want your juices place what you need in the fridge and the following day they will be ready for you. Keep in a cool dark place and consume on day of thawing.. We will always freeze unless you request otherwise. 

All of our bottles are BPA-free and fully recyclable. The materials are plastic and there is currently no way around this. However, after doing extensive research into alternatives, it turns out that plastic is not a problem IF it’s recyclable. 

Plastic is much easier to recycle than glass, and they can now be disposed of in a responsible and convenient manner in order to be recycled. 

Designed to transport frozen juice safely and to be used for long periods of time, our coolbags can be used regularly with your everyday shopping. To protect your juice, we use recycled cardboard boxes. 

No way! Juices do not have water added to them. They are all 100% natural and raw. We invite you to taste the difference!

The term cold pressed is the way of juicing. Cold pressed juicers ( also known as slow juicers ) press very slowly which stops heat friction, and basically presses all the produce in a chamber. We cold press our juices and although It is a very slow process the juices are more nutritious and flavoursome, so worth the extra wait to have them made.

100% of what goes into our juices is simply pure fruit & vegetables. They come in different shapes & sizes & no two apples taste the same. This also applies to spinach, kale, celery and even cucumbers. We peel everything by hand and wash everything vigorously. Nothing is chemically controlled to give a fixed flavour like cartoned juice and also as seasons change so does the produce. We do our best to maintain the same great taste but sometimes they may be a little sweeter, more gingery or lemony etc, etc.

We do not keep juices in stock as they are all made to order.

This is because they are unpasteurised. For any juice to be able to sit on a shelf in a shop for weeks, even months on end it will need to have been treated somehow. This is usually done by pasteurisation i.e heat treating. This kills off much if not all of the goodness that is in a raw juice.

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5 reviews for The Celery Juice 7 Day Cleanse

  1. Daniel Somers

    Thank you for your kind review! It’s a big encouragement to us!

  2. Janet B (verified owner)

    We ordered a celery cleanse for 7 days. I enjoyed it, my husband not so much, but all we can say is that we feel great! Even my husband’s eyes seem brighter

    Organic x1
  3. Daniel Somers

    Thank you very much for your kind recognition. The goal of my business is to ensure customer satisfaction.

  4. Tania Lara De Aquino (verified owner)

    The juices are wonderful!!! Taste and freshness! Amazing to have on the go and I feel refreshed and re-energised after taking them! Thank you!!!

    Normal x1Organic x1
  5. Corrine – Suffolk (verified owner)

    Thank you for your support at our fundraising event for cancer charity ‘caring for me’. People had the opportunity to taste some of his delicious juices. See you Thursday when you deliver mine.

    Normal x1
  6. Daniel Somers

    I don’t like celery juice that much BUT you cannot beat the benefits! It works some sort of magic on my body, inside & out

  7. Megan (verified owner)

    Juices has got everything I need. It’s really wonderful. Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. It’s incredible.”

    Organic x1
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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.
Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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