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The Celery Juice x7

The Celery Juice x7


Pure, Raw Cold Pressed Celery juice with a twist of lemon. Always made to order.


7 Cold Pressed Celery Juices. A celery juice for each day.


A refreshing way to start the day.


We have been asked many times in recent months, to make celery juices due to the huge publicity celery juice is having lately. If you have not heard, just google celery juice !

We carried out the requests but it wasn’t very tasty being 100% celery juice.
We spent a while trying to make it pleasant with other veggies & fruits but while trying to keep it as close to 100% celery as possible. It wasn’t easy but the humble lemon came to the rescue.

So now we bring you The Celery Juice, Cold pressed with a twist of lemon !!

Sold in 7’s to have one each day for a week.


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