Cold Pressing Juices Our Process

How we do Cold Press Juicing?

Our cold press juicers work by first softening the locally sourced produce and then squeezing it to extract the most juice with the greatest nutritional yield & health value. This method of juicing is usually more time-consuming and laborious.

We do not use cheap juicers that behave like blenders. Instead, we use high-end machines, mostly Nancy. In terms of cold press juicers, she is the Rolls Royce. We are one of the very few juiceries in the UK to have a juicer of this caliber.

The JuiceWorks Ipswich Kitchen
The JuiceWorks Kitchen

How Our Cold Juices are made

Using two plates that squeeze together, our cold press juicers slowly press fruit or vegetables between them.Cold press juicers crush and squeeze the produce, breaking down the cell walls and releasing their juice. Cold pressing preserves more of the nutrients in the juice, making it healthier for you.We do not add anything to our juice, not even water. The cold press juicer extracts the liquid from the produce, so no additional liquid is required.We only use natural preserves, such as lemons, limes, etc.our

Our Vision of Cold Press

Almost all of our products are sourced locally from local farmers. Our goal is to keep our footprint as small as possible and to support our local community.

All orders are made to order and we don’t keep any stock. We do not store fruit or vegetables, everything is fresh from the farms and made within 72 business hours of your order. The juice is cold pressed on the premises with the latest cold press juicer technology.

Cold press juicers produce no heat or oxidation, so our juices last for a few days in the fridge.

Our cold-pressed juices are delicious! We hope you enjoy them!

Even the company that provides our electric is provided by solar panels. 

The Science Behind Cold Pressed Juices

You might be perplexed as to why cold-pressed juice is such a big deal. This beverage fad began in recent years, and cold-pressed juice bottles can be found at coffee shops (often stuffed with preserves), as well as supermarkets (absolutely rammed with chemicals). Our Cold-pressed juices are made from raw, locally soured fruits and vegetables that have been processed in a unique way to extract the greatest

When juice is cold-pressed, it retains more of the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants than ordinary juice. This makes it a better choice than standard juicing since it is healthier. During the juicing process, no heat is used in the production of cold- pressed juice, which helps to produce more fruit per serving by retaining nutrients.

Cold pressed juices can be high in calories because they are dense and concentrated. One bottle usually has around 150 calories. However, they are much better for your health when you compare them to processed week or month old juices at the supermarket.

Another advantage of cold-pressed juice is that it is entirely natural and fresh in nature. There are no added sugar or preservatives because the fruit goes directly from the fruit to the bottle. Because none of the vitamins and minerals are lost during production, there are additional health advantages in each bottle.

Are Cold Press Juices Healthy?

Most people desire more vitality to accomplish all of their tasks. Juices are high in enzymes and nutrients, providing a healthy shot of energy to the body. This generates a long-lasting, pure form of energy. It’s not comparable to the ups and downs associated with caffeinated beverages (such as the drink with wings) or sugar.

A bottle of fresh juice provides a pleasant jolt of energy that lasts for hours. This is why people who consume juice can go without eating solid food throughout the day.

When certain foods are included, juice cleanses have been shown to decrease inflammation. In fact, following a cleanse may help you stay on a healthy diet by reducing or eliminating inflammation.

When certain meals are consumed, such as animal proteins, sugar, and dairy (do your own research; this is not an exhaustive list of inflammatory foods), the body becomes inflamed. A juice cleanse can soothe the body by allowing your liver and kidneys to eliminate any remaining pollutants in the system so that your digestive system may absorb the nutrients in


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